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We are a leading renewable energy trading company. Here curiosity energises constant innovation, fuelling our ambitions of powering the world as it transitions towards a sustainable future.

Welcome to our world of energy movers by nature.

We are a global renewable energy trading company which helps move energy from source to use powering businesses, homes, and societies as they transition to a new sustainable energy future. Across 7 offices on two continents, our +600 passionate and highly skilled energy experts help our clients buy and sell energy, helping make both affordable and sustainable living possible. We are part of Centrica plc, operating with main offices in London and Aalborg.

Our strategy makes us stand out in the energy commodity space. We are one of only a few major actors in the energy trading business today which both manages renewable assets and executes energy trading at large scale simultaneously.”

Our strategy makes us stand out in the energy commodity space. We are one of only a few major actors in the energy trading business today which both manages renewable assets and executes energy trading at large scale simultaneously.”Chief Executive Officer, Centrica Energy Trading -

Cassim Mangerah

Chief Executive Officer, Centrica Energy Trading

Truth is, Energy is Everything Today

Devoted to Energy
We are devoted to being up to date on energy advances to help our clients and using current energy forms as transitionary tools towards a new energy reality.

Cautionary, curious & impatient all at once
As the world flows towards an exciting yet uncharted energy future, we’re proud of our role in ensuring a sustainable and affordable living by doing what we do best: read the market, plan and execute.

Our ambitions are grand, green & global
We believe the future of energy must be unlimited and clean. We see our ultimate role as the switch that accelerates the green transition by leading the development of a sustainable symbiotic energy market.

Energy is always moving. So are we.
We are constantly optimising our skillsets and technologies to balance the increasing complexity of renewable energy production and adding fresh, diverse talent with new ideas to keep ahead of the energy curve.

Centrica plc

Centrica plc

Centrica Energy Trading is the energy trading and optimisation arm of Centrica plc, responsible for managing commodity risk and sourcing energy on behalf of Centrica Group’s energy supply activities.


Centrica is a leading energy services and solutions company focused on helping our customers live sustainably, simply and affordably. Founded on a 200-year heritage of serving people, Centrica supplies energy and services to over 10 million residential and business customers, and at a global level has more than 20,000 employees.


Centrica Energy Trading is one of the five main businesses within Centrica plc; British Gas; Board Gais; Centrica Business Solutions and Upstream.


Responsible Actions for Change

At Centrica Energy Trading, we understand that our continued license to operate is directly linked to our behaviour at large and our concrete actions for positive change. Our actions include making the addition of more green energy to power grids viable through securing rigid and transparent business controlling and compliance towards security of supply, educating local talents, and promoting gender equality in leadership.

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Net-Zero Ambitions

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face globally, with the energy sector at the forefront of the need to respond. As part of Centrica plc, we are committed to becoming a net-zero business by 2045, and we’ve pledged to help our customers reach net-zero by 2050.

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Power Your Potential

We believe having an engaged, diverse, and inclusive team is key to helping us deliver for our customers. We also understand our clear role and responsibility in helping our customers, our business, and the energy system become net-zero as soon as possible by moving clean energy from source to use, sustainably and ethically.

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